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    Cherie Robinson..........

           AKA "The Cake Artist"


Cherie has been designing and decorating cakes for over 30 years. Her background as an artist begin during childhood first on paper and then canvas; at the age of 15 she took her first job as an ice cream girl for Baskin Robbins. And while watching the owner, Mr. Werner Bruetting make a rose for an ice cream cake one day she was fascinated with how it was done. After being showed once, Mr Werner told her to practice and she has been practicing and perfecting her craft ever since.

Cherie took a break from designing cakes when her two youngest daughters were born two years apart. Cherie began working as an Event Director with a company that specialized in large youth oriented events, and has had the opportunity to work with many entertainers and politicians around the Atlanta area. Her love for the music industry is how the idea for

Iced Out Cakes began.



Cherie has a taste for the extras in life. Sparkling champagne and glistening diamonds were the inspiration behind designing personalized cakes with that extra sparkle. Cherie continues to create that "Iced Out" effect which has become and still is her inspiration for what we now know as: 

                      ICED OUT CAKES!

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